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Also has command line integration to auto generate gifs.

Example usage 1:
SwyphilisPC.exe ResultFileName: "resultGif.gif" LinesPerGif: 5 AutoChunkSize: 25 Text: "Perhaps the true society will grow tired of development and, out of freedom, leave possibilities unused, instead of storming under a confused compulsion to the conquest of strange stars… Nothing to do like an animal, lying on water and looking peacefully at the sky"

ResultFileName: - is the base string that should be used for the result files.  
LinesPerGif: - is the number of lines of text that should be displayed in a single gif.  This is useful if you have a long piece of text, and you don't want all the text to be in a single giant gif
AutoChunkSize: - is the approximate number of letters that should be placed into a single line.  The program will automatically chop up the input text into lines, and then will automatically put the lines into their gifs
Text: - the actual text to turn into gifs

Example usage 2:
SwyphilisPC.exe ResultFileName: "resultGif.gif" LinesPerGif: 5 Text: "Finally<br> the can offers drinkers<br> a sense of infinity<br> Bottles and glasses<br> translucent<br> are constantly reminding drinkers<br> how much beer they have left<br> Cans however only dimly indicate<br> how much beer you’ve got left<br> based on weight<br> which – especially when you’re drunk <br> is easy enough to forget<br> Drinking a can of beer<br> one sometimes feels<br> as if<br> the experience could go on forever<br> The presence of the<br> big bag<br>, naturally serves to deepen<br> this feeling of infinity <br>In short<br> the big bag of cans<br> is a utopia of abundance<br>"

This is similar to the above example, except that we leave off the AutoChunkSize arg and instead manually specify where each line should end by using the <br> tag.  


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